At Lethos Designs we have two quiet separate pricing structures. Just like a restaurant menu, you can pay for things individually or you can pay a fix rate and pick from everything you want. The later has proved to be incredibly popular.

Individualize we provide services which are quiet extensive:

Design (Starting at £100)

Logo Design & Business Cards

Web Design & Game Creation

Programming (Starting at £250)

Static Websites & Security & updates

WordPress Themes, Plugins & Games Programming

Consulting (Starting at £200)

SEO Advice & Website Advertising techniques

Business Consulting, Management & Game Development

Hosting (Starting at £100 /mo)

Blogs, Business & General Website Hosting

Social Game & Application Servers

All of our services can be packaged together, so a quoted price can be agreed if you need more than one, which is normal for all our clients so far.
The average upfront fees for our clients so far is £500, then £250 a month.
Our highest paying long term client usually is between 2-4x the average price for upfront fees and monthly payments. We like to believe we can take on any project regardless of size, big or small.