At Lethos Designs we have two quiet separate pricing structures. Just like a restaurant menu, you can pay for things individually or you can pay a fix rate and pick from everything you want. The later has proved to be incredibly popular.

Individualize we provide services which are quiet extensive:

Design (Starting at £100)

Logo Design & Business Cards

Web Design & Game Creation

Programming (Starting at £250)

Static Websites & Security & updates

WordPress Themes, Plugins & Games Programming

Consulting (Starting at £200)

SEO Advice & Website Advertising techniques

Business Consulting, Management & Game Development

Hosting (Starting at £100 /mo)

Blogs, Business & General Website Hosting

Social Game & Application Servers


All of our services can be packaged together, so a quoted price can be agreed if you need more than one, which is normal for all our clients so far.
The average upfront fees for our clients so far is £500, then £250 a month.
Our highest paying long term client usually is between 2-4x the average price for upfront fees and monthly payments. We like to believe we can take on any project regardless of size, big or small.

For those who just need something one off, our rate is £50/hr for most services, so depending on your circumstances pick what is best for you.